ESE Lightning Protection System

ESE Lightning Protection System

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of ESE Lightning Protection System from Gurgaon, Haryana. ESE Lightning Protection System has been certified by National and International Laboratories. The ESE Lightning Protection System has a sharp end on one side made up of bronze alloy to attract the lightning and capture it. Also, it has a safety arc gap attached to a sphere shape casing. This sphere casing has a high tension converter to increase the power of passing electricity

    Principle :
  • Our Early Streamer Emission (E.S.E) advance lightning protection system head carries a sharp pointed rod, made from especially bronze alloy to attract and capture lightning. This rod incorporates a safety arc gap for the main lightning current and is attached to a sphere shape casing. A metal horizontal disc is fitted symmetrically around the casing making electrical contact with it and the rod. The disc will react to the bad weather electric field and will be charged inductively with the field rise.
  • A special high tension convertor is located inside the shape casing. High Tension is achieved by the natual instability and negative resistance of a plasma arc placed inside a transverse magnetic field produced by a coil. The circuit is characterized by a series connection of a arc's negative resistance a inductance and capacitance. A very high ionizing tension is produced at the area around the head's rod. The system power is increase to pass electricity by using circuit and spark gap technology.
  • The head is equipped with a safety arrangement to protect its own circuitry during a lightning capture. The internal spark gap mechanism, the sparking device and teh circuitry are placed in waterprood and enforced sphere casing. The shpere shape of casing allows the lightning current to pass freely through the grounding cathode. Additionally the casing's base acts like an external spark gap between the head and cathode.

Theory : Theory of Early Streamer Emission (E.S.E) air terminals to calculate the protection radius by following electrical equitation -
Rp : Protection Radius (m). Rp =√h(2D - h) + ΔL(2D + ΔL),h>5m
H : Height (Distance) of the E.S.E air terminal point (min. height h=2m).
D : The advance step of the lightning or the jumping distance of lightning during way (Strike Distance)
For Protection Level I- D : 20 m
For Protection Level II D : 45 m
For Protection Level III D : -60 M
ΔL (m) : calculated from V (m/µs)*ΔT(µs)
ΔL (m) : The detecting distance towards lightning in ΔT times (gain distance). This parameter is variable and determined by laboratory tests.
V : Vup=Vdown= 1m/µs
Moving velocity of ions around air terminal towards lightning.
ΔL : Early Streamer Emission Time.
For D are given various relations. According with the French Standard NFC C 17-102/ Julliet
1995 is applied the following equation : d=10XI2*3
Where I is the maximum value of the expected lightning current.

Technical Characteristics :
Inductance : 20 Henries. Operating rand in thunder field intensity:5-200 kV/m.
Capacitance : 200 pF. Weight of head : 8.9 kgr.
L/R Constant : 8-10 msec. Size: 85 cm, 40 cm diameter respectively.
Gap of leading spark : 0.1 mm. Junction of lightning head : internal thread 1+1.4” inch.Arc gap of main lightning current (interanl): 2 mm. Head Material : 304 A stainless steel.
Arc gap of main lightning Current (external) : 40 mm. No of international classification : H 02 G 13/100.
Repetitions rate of leading spark : 10-20 µsec.

Testing & Certificate :
Our ESE type Lightning Protection conductor has been certificate by various international and National Laboratoires such as :
1.Icmet laboratory, Romani for compliance with the french standard NFC 17 102.
2.Bet laboratory, GARMANY under lightning impulse current.
3.National Technical University Of Athens.
4.GREEL Atomic Energy Commission which certifies that the equipment does not contain any radioactive elements.
International Guarantee of 15 Years.
The operation circuit of the Lightning Protectin System can be checked a any time using the Tester.

Protection Radius Chart :
Depending on the magnitude and dispersion, of the produced ionization form the lightning head, our System can reach a protctoin radius up to almost 130 meters.
According with the French Standard NFC 17-102, the protection radius Rp of Early Streamer Emission E.S.E air terminals are given to the following Table for protection level I-II-III.

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