Earthing Electrode

Pure Copper Earthing Electrode

Based in Gurgaon, Haryana, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Copper Earthing Electrode. We use the purest and best quality copper and the most efficient cutting-edge techniques. The copper electrodes we deliver are made up of 100% pure copper. It has high conductive properties due to the crystalline conductive mixture with a pretty nice EC grade. The dimensions are of the exact same value and all the finishes are to the level of perfection.

1.99.9% pure copper
2.EC Grade , High Conductive properties
3.Pipe in Pipe Technology.
4.Accurate dimensions
5.Crystalline Conductive Mixture filled inside the electrode to increase the conductive properties.
6.Remarkable finish

G.I. Earthing Electrode

We are the key manufacturers and suppliers of Gel Earthing Electrodes based in Gurgaon, Haryana. We use the supreme quality Copper and the zinc coated alloy. As a house needs protection from all kinds of electrical hazards, the Gel Earthing Electrodes are installed here. The Gel Earthing electrodes are corrosion protected by being hot dipped and galvanized. We ensure delivery in the safest packaging.

  • Pipe in Pipe Technology
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Electrode for corrosion protection.
  • 100% EC Grade Pure Copper Electrode
  • Bonded Copper Rod : UL Listed
  • Designed to protect human life, equipment, machinery etc from any type of electrical hazards& Leakage Current
  • Maintenance Free , Easy to install at site & Long Life product
  • Crystalline Conductive Mixer (CCM) filled inside the electrode to increase the conductive properties.

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